About Marabou

Every piece is handmade by me, Cate, for you! 

Marabou Lingerie was founded in 2014 in Oakland, CA. Since starting Marabou, my goal has been to bring you unique, fun and sexy lingerie and swimwear. 

I have always been creative and previously dabbled in many things including creating my own line of backpacks and hats. At one point I had a job sewing in lingerie factory and after learning the basics I was quickly inspired to make my own. I began casually sewing pieces and giving them away to friends. It was awesome to see people feel confident in the items that I made and was excited keep creating on new designs. Since vending for the first time in 2016 at Sgraffito, Marabou has grown from a handful of friends to the amazing community that it is today. 

I love creating lingerie that makes people feel good in their bodies. I take pride in offering unique silhouettes and funky patterns in all sizes, for all genders. My lingerie is truly made for everyone! 

It's amazing to see how much the Marabou has grown since first starting the business from my bedroom. I am so grateful to all my Marabou babes and can't wait to keep making cool stuff for y'all!  

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to collaborate.